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What They Don’t Tell You About Putting On Muscle (3 Harsh Realities About Gaining Size That The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Talk About)

What They Don’t Tell You About Putting On Muscle (3 Harsh Realities About Gaining Size That The Fitness Industry Doesn’t Talk About)

Okay! I’ve had it! I’m done with this. I’m sick of so many people thinking they can put on muscle so fast! It literally doesn’t work that way! It’s not natural, it has never been natural, and it never will be natural! There are so many lies about health and fitness these days that it’s unbelievable. Lies about nutrition, lies about muscle building, and lies about training have melted their way into popular culture only to be reiterated by the undereducated people as fact. This in turn has really thrown off people that are new to training. They take these outdated concepts and lies to heart, which in turn can manipulate, hurt, or discourage these new trainees. So that’s why your main man Jesse, a.k.a. King of the Stress Free Zone and Leader of the Effortless Enterprises company and concept of a simplified free life is here to give you the top 3 harsh realities about gaining size that the fitness industry doesn’t talk about. Here they are!


Reality #1: You Can Only Build 8-10 Pounds of Muscle Per Year

That’s right, less than a pound per month. That is what is attainable naturally. The breaking down and repairing of muscle tissue is a long and arduous process that can only be sped up so much. Enhanced lifters put on more, but come on now, they got way worse problems to worry about if you know what I mean. Since you can only gain this amount of muscle, you shouldn’t feel so pressured about plateauing or not looking big enough. All good things take time, building that muscle mass is just an example of that process.


Reality #2: Bulk Will Only Make You Fat

People have been following this incorrect concept for years now. Bulking and Cutting that is. The idea of a bulk is to consume a surplus of calories at the sacrifice of gaining fat to build muscle. You know what typically happens when they do that? They more often than not stay in their “bulk” phase, just looking fat, blocky, and bulgy looking. Others that get out will go in a deficit to burn the body fat, but in turn sacrifice the muscle they worked hard to gain throughout the year. They in turn may give up their 10 pounds of muscle gained, not visible beneath the fat, and lose pounds to be at 6 or 7 pounds gained. Rather than doing that, you should build muscle on a lean body. It’s more visible, noticeable, and above all more stress free than building muscle on a bulky body.


Reality #3: Supplement Hacks?

There’s no supplement that will get you big fast. If there is one and it works, it’s more than likely illegal! You can’t trust these supplement companies. They are operating under a lack of regulations and canmake radical claims about their products since it won’t come back on them. It backfires on the consumer when it should backfire on the liars in charge of that company. They are manipulating countless into false hope that they can wake up with their dream body. It doesn’t work that way. Fitness and building muscle is a long, yet fulfilling journey. The results keep you going and motivated. However, expecting a quick route will only burn you out and leave you disappointed. Be wary of the radical claims and protect yourself with knowledge, and will reach your goal


What Does This All Mean?

This all means that you simply shouldn’t get overhyped and over lied to when it comes to your fitness journey. Simple as that! Remember these realities and take all you hear from people in the industry with a grain of salt. Fitness is really a simple concept that has been overcomplicated for many years. If you’re looking for a more in depth simplified guide to fitness, check out my EBook, “Quit Overcomplicating Fitness: Guide to Go From Geek to Gladiator.” I’ll link it for you. Also, if you’re searching for an honest and effortless step by step program to getting in shape, be sure to check out our Model Muscle and Effortless Abs Programs! They are simple, affordable, and above all effective. We really take the guesswork out of fitness for you with these programs. Check them out! Subscribe to our blog mailing list for the latest updates! Now get out there and build that 8 to 10 pounds of muscle! You got this!

Jesse Chapman
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