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Burnt Out in the Gym?? Here’s Why And How To Overcome It!

Burnt Out in the Gym?? Here’s Why And How To Overcome It!

Burnt Out in the Gym?? Here’s Why And How To Overcome It!


Okay I get it, you’re tired, you see no new results, and frankly, you feel like you just want to quit. I understand that, really I do, before I got rolling on my fitness dream, I had tried and got burnt out before I reached my level of success. It was like beating myself up at times to go into the gym door for a workout. Nothing was changing, I still had little to no ab visibility, below average arms, and a weak chest. This was just breaking my heart and pulling me away from the fitness culture. I felt so isolated, how can these guys on YouTube be making the crazy gains that I cherished to have, but I was stuck looking like my worst nightmare for a body. Like you, I searched for answers, but found nothing online but a bunch of bro-science and madly fake claims about “maximizing your HGH by 1,000 naturally!” I kid you not, that was a video title that I saw, but anyhow, I really searched to no avail. Luckily, trial by the ways of communicating with others and learning from the School of Hard Knocks, I was able to reverse my growing gym misery and build a body that I can be proud of and can continually grow more to its full potential later on down the line. These reasons and strategies to beat that plateau and mental block will save you way more time and truly be the key that I wish I initially had to actualize my fitness goals and more importantly, my life goals as well. Here’s your dream saving advice!


  1. Set Realistic Goals

Let’s be real here, if you think you want to look like an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and think you could come close to that naturally and within a couple of years, you’re dead wrong. “But they said if I take this whey protein in this special blender I’ll gain 20 pounds by the time it mixes together! They wouldn’t lie to their fans!” Why yes they would, they absolutely would. These people that compete big time or have large social media followings will always kowtow to whatever person or companies slip a wad of cash in their tank top. Nothing against these guys, it’s the free market and they need to provide for themselves, but you have to remember that these guys are more than often out for themselves first before their fans that they have no idea even exist. This is simply because being a full-time bodybuilder doesn’t pay much and they have a lot of expenses, whether it be their rent, food, or supplement costs. So many of these guys lately have been caught in scandals involving private photography with sketchy people and allowing their likenesses to be associated with sketchy supplements. Believe me, they’re just after it to get paid. How can I distinguish the real from the fake though?


It’s simple, one can simply plug in the heights and weights in the notorious FFMI calculator, a calculator known for determining the natty status of different lifters and determine if the person that is selling and promoting the supplement is reliable or not. Also, pay attention to the wording of the products. If you are expecting 30 pounds in 3 weeks you will be sorely disappointed. The human body can only put on 8 to 10 pounds of muscle mass a year! I know, pretty contrary to what you thought right? Well that’s the harsh truth. Lastly, another key way to actualize your goal into reality is simply by getting a good visual image or two in your head about it. Listed below is some photos showing what’s natural and very likely to achieve.


Natural Examples:


Calvin Klein Model Body



Christian Bale in American Psycho




Zac Efron in Baywatch




  1. Quit Overtraining!


Did you know that you only have to lift 3 days a week to build adequate amounts of muscle? Pretty crazy right? I had no idea that training less frequently was the essential element that I needed to take hold of to reach where I wanted to go. We have always been conditioned by society to think that the more the merrier and that we should just exert ourselves out 24/7  and then we can get where we want to get. That statement couldn’t be more wrong. That is a lie spread down from generations to generations to stifle one’s aspirations to aim really high. People use this mentality to scare or spook people away from making that life altering change. Now it’s not always intentional, but that is the message that is conveyed at times. However, many tough and hard working people like you are ignoring the words that discourage people, but still follow the outdated advice. I used to do the same thing. I literally trained 7 days a week! 5 with weights and 2 cardio days. However, this is poor for muscle growth and overall health as well. By only training 3 days per week, you will be able to use your rest periods to your advantage and maximize your gains at faster pace than if you trained daily.


The key for a three day split can vary, but in my opinion, the most effective ones are a push, pull, and legs split, or something in a similar rendition of that so as to make sure the same muscle groups, those that push (chest and triceps), pull (back and biceps), and legs recover at that same period of time and don’t get overworked. Train with weights that challenge you and progressively add 5 pounds if you feel it fitting. Also, aim for contractions, these provide the minor tears in muscle that allow for the rebuilding process to begin. Lastly, stay in the 8 to 10 rep range as this will provide adequate blood flow for muscle growth to occur.


  1. No Bulking and Cutting!

Strap in y’all, this is where it gets controversial. Here’s the deal, I don’t believe in bulking and cutting. I don’t think it’s necessary. This is an outdated and falsely paraded concept that many people have taken and adapted to their lives. Personally, I don’t think that overeating for the sake of gaining mass, only to lean down and lose some of the hard earned muscle is even worth it. I believe that it is best to stay lean and ripped year round and gradually put on muscle. Think about it, what would look more impressive? 10 pounds of muscle gained on a lean body or 10 pounds gained on a bulkier, more fat filled body? No question the lean body wins by a country mile!


Too often many people are impatient regarding their progress to their fitness goals. So impatient at times that they may be working against themselves in regards to where they wish to be. Bulking is a redundant and useless concept that really should be exposed more often than not. We should embrace these changes and encourage discussion regarding topics such as this, as it really shapes the health and mentality of the new and even experienced trainees. These ways that were encouraged as a fast shortcut to muscle gain simply backfire and most times and really overcomplicate the fitness spectrum to a huge period and extent


It’s key to remember that nothing ever comes quickly and that you have to be wary of all advice you hear. Just think logically regarding it and make your decision from there. Stay ripped year round, don’t sacrifice fat for unnoticeable muscle. Do you and build who you are. You never know how far each route will take you.


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If you liked what you read and want to find out more, go check out my book “Quit Overcomplicating Fitness: Guide to Go From Geek to Gladiator (https://www.amazon.com/Quit-Overcomplicating-Fitness-Guide-Gladiator-ebook/dp/B07F8XH1M4/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8).”

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Keep your dreams chugging!


-Jesse Chapman


CEO and Founder of Effortless Enterprises

Jesse Chapman
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